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NOVEMBER 3, 2021

Final Cover may Vary

Written by MATT KINDT
Art & Cover by ADAM POLLINA
$9.99  |  88 PGS.  |  NO ADS  |  ON SALE NOVEMBER 3, 2021

First, from the limitless imaginations of New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (River Run) and Eisner Award nominee Marguerite Sauvage (Bombshells) comes a very special tale of discovery in the outer reaches.

A woman awakens on an alien planet with no memory of her previous existence. She begins a quest to survive, relying on her wits, skills, and instincts to adapt to an inhospitable environment. After months barely surviving, she discovers a mysterious spacecraft at the bottom of a frozen lake. She dredges it, only to discover a blurred holographic image and distorted messages. She repairs the craft and journeys across the galaxy — but what is the ship’s destination, and who are the messages from?

Then, Mark Russell (Flintstones) joins forces with virtuoso artist Adam Pollina (Whalesville) for a tale of friendship and adventure in the far future.

Cyrus Garvey couldn’t believe his luck: If he agreed to attend a timeshare presentation, he’d get a free transporter trip anywhere in the galaxy. And those things are expensive! Cy sat through the hour-long presentation at Last Resorts Inc, passed on the timeshare, but took the vacation, and man was it a blast. A few days later, Cy’s friend gets the same invitation, but she’s reluctant to go — she can’t say no to a salesman. Cy agrees to sit through the presentation under her name, and she’s cool, as long as they can take a trip together.

Cy shows up to the presentation, takes a seat in the back and prepares to run out the clock on the hour, but is surprised to find a familiar face giving the sales presentation is…himself?!

Surely Last Resorts Inc., didn’t take Cy’s DNA from the transporter and clone him? Surely they didn’t build a bunch of clones as slave labor…and surely Cy didn’t agree to this in the fine print. Man, all Cy wanted was to get away for a few days…

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