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Tankers #2


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Final Cover may Vary

Releases Early April

Once we reach the order cut off date there stands a very good chance of getting a NOT FIRST PRINTING.
The earlier your order the better your chance of getting a first print but it is not guaranteed.  
Or goal is to get as many of these 1st prints out to people as possible.

Orders are filled in the order they are received.  
If there is an allocation (as with Eniac #1) orders may be filled with Not First Printings.
Images shown are stock photo’s.  Not first printings will be similar to first printings but will not match exactly.

To be clear, we’ll do our best but first printings are not guaranteed.
Once placed orders can not be canceled.
Orders can not be combined with other orders.

Placing your order is your agreement to our pre-order allocation & wave shipment policies. Once placed, canceled orders incur a 5% cancellation fee.

** All preorders are filled in the order that were received & paid for. All preorders may be subject to allocation & delay. In the event of allocation, orders will be filled as the next allotment arrives.

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