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Toys, food, toiletries, pet supplies, you bring em by and we will distribute them locally

It’s that time of year again.  The time where you bring us the things that many families are short on this Holiday Season and we make sure they end up helping our immediate community.  Yes, as usual, we will have sales that require donations
(the more you donate the more you can save..hint hint hint – make sure you follow our newsletter so you know what to bring when to save the most)/

Some of the savings will be posted on our Sales Hub but you have to be “IN THE KNOW” for others.

All donations go to local organizations that help the include, but are not limited to, The Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Local Schools (via Jetpack staff with ties to schools) and ANYONE that reaches out to us.

If you know of someone in need or and organization that needs a boost have them reach out to us at

Here’s what we’re looking for this year.

Please follow the requests listed here and

  • CANNED GOODS.  Non-Perishable Food.    Please make sure they are in code! CHECK THE DATE / CODE to make sure it’s still acceptable. We will make fun of you on social media if you bring us expired goods.
  • TOYS – must be unwrapped and new.  NO PLUSH PLEASE. If you bring us junk from the dollar store expect that you will save less than one dollar during a sale.
  • LEGOS – clean loose Lego bricks are the only exception to NEW.  Who doesn’t love Legos.
  • TOILETRIES – In code and sealed
  • SOCKS – Yes – socks
  • PET SUPPLIES – food, litter, flea collars, etc (please check the dates).

Please don’t forget our extra important NO SUCK rule.

NONE OF THE DONATIONS CAN SUCK and SUCK is defined by the Jetpack Staff  members.  Jetpack Staff earn bonuses for every SUCK donation they report.  Try real hard not to suck!

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