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Travis Gibb will be stopping by Jetpack on Wednesday, September 13th from 4-7PM!

Grab a copy of GRANITE STATE PUNK and add his next book to your pull list!

Building on the triumph of “GRANITE STATE PUNK” published by SCOUT COMICS earlier this year, Travis announced a sequel: “GRANITE STATE PUNK: BREAKING EDGE.” This comic is more than a mere publication; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the spirit of New Hampshire.

“GRANITE STATE PUNK: BREAKING EDGE” weaves together the themes of PUNK ROCK, MAGIC, and WITCHES, all while delving into the historical account of the legendary Goody Cole – the first witch ever put on trial in New Hampshire. This captivating narrative is not only an exploration of these fascinating elements but also a celebration of the state’s unique essence.”

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Travis Gibb

Travis Gibb is a Ringo-nominated creator and has been working in comics off and on for over a decade, producing: Coins of Judas, Granite State Punk, Voodoo Nations, and CTHULHU INVADES OZ/WONDERLAND. He has published books with Scout Comics, Caliber Comics, Image Comics, Second Sight, and Band of Bards.  He is blessed to work with his wonderful wife in the co-owned publishing company ORANGE CONE PRODUCTION and she also works with him as his editor. Last but not least, he is the proud father of two awesome daughters and one amazing son.

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