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Jon Waugh: Assistant Manager Supreme of Jetpack Comics! Nerd! Geek! Educator (yes really)!

Here you’ll find the Mighty Waugh’s thoughts on all things geeky. From the latest comic book announcements to video game releases, nothing escapes his grasp! Remember, the thoughts and opinions of Jon Waugh are his and his alone, and not those of Jetpack Comics. Any problems you have with his posts, take them to him when he’s working!


Waugh’s Bag, Volume 7, Issue 39!

Volume 7, Issue 39! “Return of The Mandalorian” After a long wait, we finally have some details on John Favreau's Star Wars show. Titled The Mandalorian, the show will focus on a “lone gunslinger type” navigating the Star Wars universe…

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Jon's Righteous Comic Reviews
(or you name this column chum)

Comic Review: Murder Falcon #1

After Extremity, I made the decision to follow writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson on any book he decided to work on. While I was definitely expecting something crazy for his next project, in no way was I prepared for Murder Falcon.…

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Comic Review: Immortal Hulk #7!

Immortal Hulk has been a series' that's been a sleeper hit for some time now. While it's not making the waves (or sales) of the Jade Giant's heyday, the Al Ewing written and Joe Bennet drawn series has turned the…

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