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Just for our special friends. Probably the only email you want to get from us

Join our new Friends & Family email and we’ll notify you about Sales & Special Offers.

That’s it. None of our Ralph’s ridiculous rambling. No news about a Rich Woodall visit. Nothing about Tom’s newest Tattoo. It’s just about saving money!

HINT – If you don’t you’re going to miss a SUPER extra special in-store deal on 11/27! Like crazy extra special deal.

This is strictly an email with sales & special offers. Many of them JUST for our special Friends & Family. Yup, you’re gonna get 2 – 3 emails a week here but it’s only gonna be for what you care about. SAVING MONEY!

Okay, now you now you want it! Sign up below!

How do you get the special F&F deals? Just show the clerk the email or web URL with the savings you want to take advantage of when you hit the register. YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT ON HAND TO SHOW THE CLERK because this is only for our Friends & Family. It’s not for the guy standing next to you farting and picking his nose that had no idea about how much money he could save.

While the clerks may, or may not know what the deals are they do know the restrictions and all of our usual restrictions apply.**

Sign-Up for Our Family & Friends List!


We’re doubling down with 3+ ways to save on Saturday 11/16 & Sunday 11/17.

Looking for more Holiday Savings?

Don’t forget to sign up for this special email or you’re going to miss something HUGE coming shortly.

When’s the next F&F email coming? If you don’t signup for it you will never know.

** secret here – you don’t need to make ANY donations to save with some of the F&F offers but some you do. Of course we’ll still take your donations if you want to bring any!


** restrictions? You can’t use more than one deal at a time. Some offers may require donations. Visit our donations details (link) so you know what that means. There’s no discount type deal on bulk discounted merchandise EVER (bricks of minis & boxes of cards – anything we already discount). BUY X GET Y means you pay for the most expsinve x’s and the least expensive y’s are free. There’s probably a hundred other rules but the bottom line is we’re going to save you serious money. Don’t try to push for more.

*** Donations
All donations must be presented to a  Jetpack Staff member, for  inspection, prior to spinning the wheel!  Jetpack Staff has the final  say on donations.
FOOD donations must be in code (not expired), sealed and can not be  rusted or dented.
TOILETRY donations must be new, sealed and in code.
TOY donations must be NEW, UNWRAPPED, and have a fair retail value of  $10 or more.
NONE OF THE DONATIONS CAN SUCK and SUCK is defined by the Jetpack Staff  members.  Jetpack Staff earn bonuses for every SUCK donation they report.  Try real hard not to suck!

*** Savings & Sale restrictions
The Wheel of Hunger is only available if there are NO OTHER sales happening that day.  Be sure to check the schedule for all of our awesome sales events. Sales can not be combined with special coupons, other sales or savings
events, or any bulk discounted product (meaning there is no additional discount on a box of magic cards as it’s already cheap). Sale pricing does not apply to special orders (including subscriptions).


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