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WE have received the A cover of our Ben Oliver Exclusive and will begin
shipping them to those that only ordered the A cover.
Hopefully B & C are here soon.

8/5/20 UPDATE

As of 8/11 we will have ONE of the 3 Joker 80th anniversary EXCLUSIVE covers in stock. Which one? We have no idea. When will the others arrive? We have no idea.

We have repeatedly asked for assistance & relief from Diamond Comics Distributors (who apparently sent our stock to the U.K.) & publisher DC Comics for assistance with this problem.

Replies with any information have been minimal at best. “Backing The Comeback” does not appear to include the courtesy or respect one would think would come with a $12,000 order gone missing.

We apologize for this ridiculous delay and hope to have answers soon. We do thank Diamond UK for their help in this. Especially since they were not the party responsible for the error.

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