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HeroQuest Return of the Witch Lord Expansion Pack


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Here’s some kind of good news. – On 4/18 we received a small potion of our Witch Lord Expansions.  Orders are filled in the order they were placed.  When the next batch arrives we will continue shipping.  Thank you

To paraphrase one of our customers, “They have completely botched the release of this product”.  These are now slated for a MAY release…..we’ll see if that’s true.  Our apologies for the headaches.

THE HEROQUEST FRUSTRATION – Please know that we equally share in everyone’s annoyance with the delays, lack of information and volume of misinformation in regards to all of the Heroquest products.  While we have shared information from two of our distributors another has absolutely no updated information and another just has their typical canned response.  We are as disappointed as you, in seeing that some retailers / distributors have received product while we all sit waiting for ours.  We have a huge volume of orders placed (2 – 3 times what we need, in total) with four of the country’s largest game and/or toy distributors and are eagerly awaiting their arrival so we can turn them around and get them to you.  If we do receive any additional updates we will place them here.  Thank you and our apologies.

Revisit and delve deeper into the rich story of the HeroQuest dungeon  crawling adventure game. With the Return of the Witch Lord expansion,  players work together to destroy the Witch Lord, who hides from the  light of day with his army of the undead. Players can immerse themselves  in the fantasy with the stunning artwork, 16 detailed miniatures,  full-color tiles, and 10 exciting quests not seen in the initial  HeroQuest Game System. (Requires HeroQuest Game System to play. Sold  separately.) The game has limitless replayability, and you can also  build their own quests and create their own stories. Gather friends  together for an exciting night of tabletop gameplay in an epic battle of  good and evil. The game is for 2-5 players, ages 14 and up. Includes Quest book, 16 miniatures (8 skeletons, 4 mummies, 4 zombies)  cardboard tile sheet of game tiles, 2 dungeon doors, 14 game cards, and  instructions. (Requires HeroQuest Game System to play.)

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